In order to support and amuse people whose movements are limited by the Covid-19 crisis, the author is giving this book away, one chapter every day. There is no catch, and nothing to pay.

So for the next thirty days, enjoy 'The Book', a new novel by award-winning Irish author John Mulligan. 

And if you can't wait, you can buy the entire book on line here as a Kindle download, or in paperback if you live in the USA

But you don't have to, if you are happy to wait for a chapter a day.

And with any luck, by the time you get to the last chapter, this lock-down will be over and we can all start to live normally again.



What is the book called? It's called 'THE BOOK.'


Here is a synopsis:

When copies of a slim yellow paperback book drop through the letterboxes of a number of houses in the sleepy town of Tully, the postman unwittingly sets off a chain of events leading to an outcome way beyond what the author had ever intended. People are shocked to find that the book is all about them, and that it tells stories about events they thought were well and truly buried.

The mystery writer just wants to put manners on a few people, to let them know he is watching, but sometimes when you light a small fire the blaze roars quickly out of control. Marriages begin to fall apart, infidelities and dodgy dealings suddenly become public knowledge, and secrets hidden for decades are out in the open.

But who is A.Watcher, and does he (or she) live in Tully? And what are the CIA and the KGB doing in a small Irish town?

Where will it all end? Will Tully ever get back to normal, or has the book changed things for ever?